Chemical Theory of Machines basic principles of strength with examples od calculations



Chemistry Theory of Machines

Witold Lewandowski, Michał Ryms Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN Ilość stron: 210 Oprawa: miękka Rok wydania: 2017 EAN: 9788301192105

This book encompasses the essential range of information on technical aspects of mechanical design. It was written primarily for the students and staff of chemistry faculties of technical universities, yet it may also be utilized by everyone, who ether would like to try or already enjoys designing, but cannot take advantage of typical stress & machine construction handbooks. These handbooks often require familiarity with the concepts of mechanics and higher mathematics, mastery of which is gained after graduating from technical universities. A short study of material strength contained within is limited only to the basic, statically determinable cases and singular loads. Emphasis has been put on explaining various types of stresses and differences in their influences. The amount of formulas has been limited only to the essential minimum, which still allows assessing component dimensions in such a way that these elements are not damaged or excessively deformed, and are durable & stable. Each chapter is preceded by a short theoretical introduction, followed by examples of solved tasks, including: basic equations, symbols, and a description of the solving process. In the final chapter of the book, two examples of technical design problems have been solved. The first one describes stable interaction forces and stresses through a handle, mounting and suspension of any fixed element. The second one presents dynamic effects in the drive shaft of a hypothetical mechanical device (agitator, conveyor, pump, fan, etc.).

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