Oxford English for Computing SB



Key features* Helps students to combine their knowledge of English with their technical knowledge.* Develops all four skills through varied activities, with special emphasis on vocabulary acquisition and grammatical accuracy.* Up-to-date technical content. Authentic reading and listening passages covering a wide range of topics, e.g. the use of virtual reality in industry, personal computing, viruses and security, information systems, and multimedia.* Letter-writing section offering a complete guide to writing simple, work-related letters.* Comprehensive glossary of technical terms which forms a useful mini-dictionary of computing terminology.* Separate Answer Book with a key to all exercises, the tapescripts, and useful unit-by-unit teaching notes.* Designed for easy use by the non-specialist teacher.ContentsTOPICSUnit 1Personal computingThe processorUnit 2Portable computersOperating systemsUnit 3Online servicesData transmissionUnit 4Programming and languagesC languageUnit 5Computer softwareComparing software packagesUnit 6Computer networksNetwork configurationsUnit 7Computer virusesComputer securityUnit 8Computers in the officeInformation systemsUnit 9Computers in educationCALLUnit 10Computers in medicineData storage and managementUnit 11RoboticsRobot characteristicsUnit 12Virtual realityVR input devicesUnit 13Machine translationAI and expert systemsUnit 14MultimediaComputer-to-video conversionUnit 15Computer graphics24-bit colour

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