Personal (Jack Reacher 19)



Jack Reacher walks alone. Once a go-to hard man in the US military police, now hes a drifter of no fixed abode. But the army tracks him down. Because someone has taken a long-range shot at the French president. Only one man could have done it. And Reacher is the one man who can find him. This new heartstopping, nailbiting book in Lee Childs number-one bestselling series takes Reacher across the Atlantic to Paris – and then to London. The stakes have never been higher – because this time, its personal. „Consistently pulse-raising…an exhilarating ride…Personal wrests back the sheer gusto of earlier novels; its the best Reacher adventure in some considerable time.” Independent „This is the 19th Jack Reacher novel. Ive read all the others. If you havent, start now. You can binge-read them all in three weeks. But then you will be sad. Because youll have to wait for a year for the next one. They are blissfully pedantic whodunnits. And also seriously violent thrillers…[Child] is so good. He makes „literary” writing seem orotund…He generates relentless momentum…Childs dedication to suspense…approaches the Hitchcockian.” Guardian „Packed with arcane and fascinating detail…Childs almost trademarked and seriously addictive clipped prose and dialogue keeps Personal clipping along at breakneck pace with the tension ratcheting up satisfactorily to the inevitably bloody conclusion.” Irish Independent „Told in characteristic Child style – fast prose, smart dialogue, extraordinary detail – and with the hero in full revenge mode,it throbs with energy from the start…a pleasure to welcome him back to [Lee Childs] native land.” Daily Mail „Hes a dangerous man to know but every year I am desperate to renew my acquaintance with the one and only Jack Reacher…Child brings it all together brilliantly. And often tersely…It ends in crunching violence – but Reacher readers queueing up for their annual fix expect nothing less.” Sun

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