San Francisco (Book with Audio CD)



Its a good place for gold, said people in the 1840s, and they came from all over the world. Its a good place for a prison, said the US government in the 1920s, and they put Al Capone there on the island of Alcatraz. Its a good place for love, said the hippies in the 1960s, and they put flowers in their hair and came to Haight Ashbury. And San Francisco is still a good place – to take a hundred photographs, or see the Chinatown parade, or just to sit in a coffee shop and bein this interesting, different city . . .

Język angielski

edward wolanin, злотих, wse uam dziekanat, głodkowski, karty wzorow fizyka, paul denisson, gotowość po angielsku, mam na imie po ukrainsku, kina poznań, wartosci funkcji tryg, pracownik ron, nudzić się